Our children

Our children…. Both very different but equally as amazing. We couldn’t be prouder of them both! People have said many things about both over the years, but there are things that have been said about Isla that differ from what’s been said about Billy simply because she has autism and he doesn’t. I know people […]

Poem – My son has a shadow

My son has a shadow and it follows him everywhere It doesn’t matter where he goes His shadow is always there It is with him when he runs It is with him when he walks It sits beside him patiently And mimics when he talks It lays beside him when he’s sleeping and joins in […]

Sibling relationships

I sometimes think about sibling relationships and how different billy and Islas relationship is to a typical sibling relationship. I wonder if they are missing out because they can’t communicate with one another. I especially ponder over how billy feels about his little sister. I then look at pictures like this, I’m reminded that billy […]