Welcome to our series: Our side of the spectrum . Autism has long been considered a boy thing with four times more boys being diagnosed with autism than girls. When I started my blog I didn’t know many girls with autism at all and I didn’t know any girls with autism like my daughter, not one!

Thankfully this is changing and girls are no longer being overlooked. Autism in girls has received a fair amount of publicity lately with many people discussing how they managed to mask their autism, how they managed to blend in by imitating social cues, how they were missed and how they don’t present like boys or share traits with male counterparts at all.

What about girls who do share traits with boys and display very similarly? What about girls who couldn’t hide their autism is they tried? What about girls who are non or pre verbal? What about girls whose autism was diagnosed at a very young age? What about girls on our end of the spectrum?

these are girls that are often forgotten but deserve just as much recognition, support and acceptance. I asked my page followers to allow me to explore this further, to help me show the world that our girls exist too.