2018 has seen changes in Isla

2018 has seen big changes in Isla:- Lots more new words Lots more echolalia but functional speech improving all the time Lots of weekends away Two holidays in the UK and one abroad Making new friends Growing in confidence Change of class Lots of playing Balance has improved Not as clumsy Days out galore Better […]

What we can all learn from a half dead Christmas tree

  My dad is never far from my thoughts. Today is no exception. Last week marked 21 years since he passed away. I always find December 14th a difficult day but I try to remember how much he loved us and try not to dwell on the ifs, buts and maybes. Last year on December […]

The many faces of Tesco

I shall call this post ‘the many faces of Tesco’ Face one was my ‘what the fluffy duck am I doing in Tesco the week before Christmas face’ It only got worse! I think every OAP in the proximity decided today was an epic day to pop to Tesco, bump in to every single one […]

21 years ago today I lost my dad Here’s some of the lessons I learnt

Today it is 21 years since my dad passed away. It feels like forever ago yet like it was yesterday. I wanted to do something positive today in his memory and so I started to write a blog about the 21 lessons I’ve learnt about life since losing my dad with a couple of paragraphs […]

12 days of SEND Christmas

I was absolutely over the moon to be asked to take part in this and I’m sure many of you can relate! Merry Christmas ?

What two years in a special school has done for our daughter with autism

Two years ago today Isla started a new school. I remember it like it was yesterday. It became more and more obvious that Isla was different to the other children in her school. It became more and more obvious that school could not meet her needs. It became more and more obvious that Isla was […]

Billy’s parents evening

Sometimes I well up when I blog about our kids. Like now. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, this blog mainly centres around Isla but she wouldn’t be who she is without Billy. Last night was Billy’s parents evening. I always look forward to parents evening because it’s nice to hear about […]