Our children….

Both very different but equally as amazing.

We couldn’t be prouder of them both!

People have said many things about both over the years, but there are things that have been said about Isla that differ from what’s been said about Billy simply because she has autism and he doesn’t.

I know people often don’t mean to, I know they don’t think before they speak and I know some people just don’t know what to say and so they blurt out whatever comes to mind and that’s what I always remind myself of when people say things unintentionally that sting a little.

Over the years we’ve had people say ‘what’s wrong with her’.
My answer is absolutely nothing. There is nothing wrong with our daughter, Isla isn’t broken and she doesn’t need fixing. She doesn’t need changing and if anything I hope she stays exactly the same forever.

Many people have also said ‘I’m sorry’ when we tell them Isla is autistic. Please don’t be sorry. We aren’t. We’re only sorry you felt you had to say that but I like to think it’s a lack of understanding and not that they thought Isla has something to be sorry about. I’m sorry people can’t see past the word autism at times and see the person rather than the diagnosis. They should because they’re missing out!

I’ve had somebody tell me they always thought Isla was a bit strange. Isla isn’t strange, Isla is wonderfully herself, and we love that about her. We love that she doesn’t try to fit in, doesn’t try to conform and is absolutely 100% her wonderful self the whole time.

I’ve had people ask me personal questions that they’d never ask anyone who doesn’t have a child with autism and despite the fact some have sting a little I’ve answered them in a hope people would be more understanding and accepting even when I knew it was just to ease their curiosity.

All I ask is that you look beyond the word and look at our daughter because you’ll see how wonderful Isla is. She is equally as wonderful as her big brother.

Together they make the world the most amazing place.

Billy is handsome, kind, he’s thoughtful, competitive, driven, an old soul, considerate, he brings out the best in people, and he doesn’t know how amazing he is.

Isla is beautiful, she makes us laugh, she makes everyone smile, she is strong, she is warm, she is cheeky, she is caring, she loves life, and she doesn’t know how amazing she is.

Isla, like Billy is perfect exactly as she is. We wouldn’t change a thing about either of our children, not one thing.

To people who don’t have a child with autism, it may seem strange that we wouldn’t change Isla’s autism but we wouldn’t, we would take away some of her struggles of course and change the world for her in a heartbeat if we could but her autism is a fundamental part of who she is and she is incredible.
Why would we want to change that?

Billy is Billy and Isla is Isla, they are both perfect to us and are exactly the little girl and the young man they were always meant to be.

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