If you’ve followed us for a while you will know how much Isla loved KFC – that’s right I just used past tense!

There was a time not so long ago when we would take detours on journeys to avoid driving past Islas beloved ‘chicken’ because she would break her heart if we ever drove past.

If you’d have asked me to provide a list of Islas lives I’d have put YouTube at the top, then KFC, then me, her dad and brother.

Yes Isla had a brilliant relationship with KFC’s all over the country. Whenever we went away we knew where Isla would want to go for tea.

Isla loved the popcorn chicken snack boxes and of course the epic gravy and so we quite regularly frequented our local ‘chicken’.

Now mr KFC had an epiphany and decided to change the chips from fries to chunky chips, why I do not know because everyone loved the fries with Isla getting the top fan accolade.

Since Mr KFC has changed the chips Isla will not eat them, not even one solitary chip! She will eat the popcorn chicken and that is it.

Because of this she no longer asks for ‘chicken’ and she no longer gets upset if we drive past, leaving me with a shed load of chicken stamps that I’ll probably never redeem!

Now we can’t drive past ‘Donald’s happy yirl toy’ (as Isla lovingly calls it) without Isla getting upset. Donald’s is the place to be in islas eyes and I’m pretty certain Donald’s won’t be changing their fries.

What’s annoying is it was nice to have options when eating out. KFC is no longer one of them.

Children with autism quite often have sensory aversions to food, Isla being very restricted on what she will and won’t eat. Her favourite foods are beige, beige with a side of ‘red’ (tomato sauce). I even caught her dipping a chocolate bar in ketchup and eating it the other day.

She knows what she likes and what doesn’t taste funny, smell wrong, look strange or feel weird and she sticks to those foods and who can blame her?

So Mr KFC we now rather annoyingly only frequent your drive though on occasion because Billy still loves your mini fillet burgers, we fly through there for Billy’s order then have to fly through the Donald’s one for madam, thanks for that.

You’ve lost a fair amount of business from our brood because you changed the chips. Maybe a small detail to you but a huge detail to Isla. She has taken her business to ‘Donald’s happy yirl toy’ and more recently Greggs now she’s discovered she actually likes sausage rolls and hence forth our pennies will be spent there until the day you decide to stop changing things!!!

If it’s not broken don’t fix it!!

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