2018 has seen big changes in Isla:-

Lots more new words
Lots more echolalia but functional speech improving all the time
Lots of weekends away
Two holidays in the UK and one abroad
Making new friends
Growing in confidence
Change of class
Lots of playing
Balance has improved
Not as clumsy
Days out galore
Better understanding
So much happier
Not as reliant on her wheelchair
Understood it was her birthday
Unwrapped every single Christmas present herself and beat Billy.
Can get her needs across
Went bowling and loved it
Took part in her Christmas concert and took centre stage
Lots of laughter, so much laughter
Constant changes in routine and not at all phased
Learnt to say coffee and likes to visit costa (very important)
Has a very individual sense of style and rocks it
Knows what she likes and isn’t afraid to express it (she’s never too big to wear a princess dress)
Been discharged from every service
Visited dentist and didn’t get upset
Now sits for haircuts
Flew for the first time and loved it
Now enjoys shopping (this has its issues as she fills my basket with things she wants)

She’s not a little girl anymore, she’s growing in to the happiest, smiliest, loving young lady.

Isla has achieved things this year that people wouldn’t even give a second thought to. Rewind 2/3 years and this list would have been very different – Isla didn’t have any functional speech, she hated shopping, she hated car journeys, she struggled, she didn’t have friends, she didn’t play with toys, she had no imagination, she didn’t understand Christmas and birthdays and her gifts would sit untouched, she didn’t even have eye contact. We are so very proud of every little thing Isla achieves, she proves anything is possible, most importantly she’s happy, so very very happy.
We are privileged to be raising such an amazing young lady.

Well done beautiful and here’s to the next year.