I wrote this four whole years ago, it’s just come up on my Facebook memories along with some of my favourite pictures of Billy and Isla:-

I am about to type a very long but incredibly honest and heartfelt status so please bare with me.

Today has been a revelation :-

Little things that others wouldn’t think twice about mean a lot to us.

Below is a picture of isla, it’s the first time she has ever intentionally smiled directly at a camera after I asked her to. She’s the happiest child I know yet this was something she just didn’t understand.

I’ll be here on Facebook now and then inviting parents to our support group, raising awareness of autism, hoping to change and challenge views and educate, not to scroll through everyone’s day and nosy at their photos. I believe isla is a gift and she was given to us for a reason and for now at least that reason is to speak up and educate others on what is a very much understood disorder.

Isla has autism but that’s not all she has. She has the biggest smile, a huge heart, gives the best cuddles, she takes people at face value and loves without judgement, she’s courageous, she’s always happy, has the cheekiest laugh, she hasn’t one ounce of nastiness, she is the most beautiful little girl with amazing hair that everyone always compliments her on.

Autism is a part of isla but it most definitely does not define her!

The two little people below are world’s apart yet incredibly close together. Despite barriers they love one another completely unconditionally and without judgement. Billy is an amazing brother and I’m sure isla would agree she’s blessed in the sibling department. Their love has taught me so much and other people too could learn a lot from them.

Between myself, John and Billy I have no doubt that we can help isla reach her full potential, even if it’s starting with the small stuff. She’s already achieving more than she will ever realise, enriching people’s lives simply by being in it.

Islas autism spectrum disorder has changed our lives. It’s a challenge we never thought we’d have to face but it’s without a doubt made us better people -we have more hope, faith, patience, appreciation, tolerance, closeness and admiration.

I appreciate my family so much more, my husband and his unbelievable strength and love that never waivers and our beautiful children. I am incredibly blessed and never take that feeling nor them for granted.

Remember what’s important, give more, hate less, spend time wisely, love whole heartedly and have faith in tomorrow – we do and isla’s achievement today is testament that a little belief can go a long way.

Love really does conquer all x

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