Look at the picture below.


What do you see?

A playmobil figure, nothing more, nothing less, not uncommon, not particularly special.

Only it became evident today that it is so much more.

You see once a week Billy stays out at Grandma and Grandads and Isla stays home with us. It gives Billy time with undivided attention there and Isla the same here.

It’s always happened, it’s nothing new.

We know Isla adores Billy, you only have to see how she looks at her big brother to know that.

We know Isla misses Billy, she looks for him sometimes, she says his name, she likes him being around, she likes to play with him and sit with him and just enjoy his company and when he’s not here she looks a little lost.

Maybe I didn’t realise just how much she misses him.

You see the figure isn’t just a playmobil figure.

Its Billy!

(Well to Isla it is anyway).

Billy was out last night and he’s been out all day.

Isla has carried this little figure around today with her other figures that she likes to keep close, so many in fact she’s been carrying them around in a hat!

That wasn’t unusual, it’s what Isla does…….. until John pointed out that the figure has a name and I listened closely to what isla was saying.

She was putting her figures in a bus to push around and whenever she picked up the playmobil figure she said ‘Billy’.

Whenever she put her figures anywhere she’d save the figure until last and pop ‘Billy’ down.

’Billy’ took part in all of her games.

She held ‘Billy’ in her hand most of the day.

’Billy’ has been on a bus, he’s been in a scene of beauty and the beast, he’s sat on the top of Islas hat of favourite things, like her most treasured possession, she’s smiled while holding him up, she’s talked to him in language and at speed only her and ‘Billy’ were privy to, he’s been with her all day long, doing the things she wanted to do, and he’s kept her happy and entertained…………..much like real life Billy!

I understood exactly what she was doing today. She missed her big brother so very much that she found a Lego figure that had Billy’s signature blonde hair and he became a Billy substitute- she clung on to it, she played with it, she treat it with great care and she loved it.

She only put it down when her brother actually came home tonight, when her face lit up and she ran up to him shouting ‘Billy’.

Even though Isla is just starting to say ‘I love you’, love doesn’t need any words, never has, never will.

Her love is there for all to see – in her eyes, in her smile, in her actions and in a little blonde Playmobil figure named Billy.