What a day.
I’m tired and I’m off to bed.
On a week day I have to wake Isla up for school. At 6.30 this morning she actually prised my eyes open saying ‘good morning’. As cute as it was I could have done without the early wake up call.
John was at work his morning. The house looked like a war zone. Whenever Billy wears his onesie Isla wants to copy him and so this led to her shouting ‘horsey’ until I went upstairs to fetch hers.
She then made me play mario because she likes it and whenever I thought I’d done she made me play it again.
John came home rushed around then went to play cricket. Billy went with him.
I decided to take Isla to the charity we always go to. I used my mummy skills today to outwit Isla and put her in a jumpsuit that buttons at the back so she can’t take it off when we get to the sensory room. The irony is never lost on me that Isla can strip in seconds but can’t dress herself.

Saw my mum which was nice. Isla plonked on her and used her as a hair while she ate her crisps as you do.

We had a lovely time at the charity. We even managed a duet singing skipamarink which was pretty awesome.

Isla had been asking for chicken all day so I took her to KFC. We went through the drive though, I made a gap in her snack box for her gravy and I drove away. I shouldn’t have. You see I was driving away when Isla slung her snackbox at me. She wanted me to have it. All I could think to do was rest it on my knee. I drove all the way home hoping the gravy didn’t pour all down my legs. As soon as we got in she ate the flipping thing. Guess she’s decided the car isn’t for eating in anymore.

Isla then kept telling me ‘come on let’s go’. She wanted to do jigsaw puzzles or should I say she wanted to do one and wanted me to do three! Every time I tried to leave it she dragged me back down to the carpet to finish them. She then lined them up because lines are important.

John and Billy made it home eventually, John yet again like the walking wounded. He’s hurt himself pretending to be 16 again, he will learn eventually (I hope).
Watched some World Cup football which I’m ashamed to say I’m enjoying (don’t tell the boys) and before I knew it, bed time was upon us.
So tired I’m nodding off typing this. Only two coffee’s today. I’m done in!
Night everyone