It was haircut day yesterday!

As soon as Islas hairdresser walked in to the room Isla said ‘get back!’.

I knew then that she wasn’t in the mood for a haircut and I wasn’t wrong.

She stood next to me said ‘sitting’ and sat on my knee on the floor,
She then let Georgina brush her hair, she wasn’t overly happy but she sat and then she let her start to cut it. It was actually going quite well but then Isla decided she’s had enough. I asked Georgina to cut a good bit off Islas hair yesterday, I will only ever let her hair growth a point where Isla lets me care for it, when she stops letting me do that I have a bit more taken off and so we couldn’t stop and leave her with wonky hair so we used bribes, cuddles and tried to keep her as still as we could to get the job done.
There were tears which I hate because I feel responsible for her upset.
We were all a hot sweaty mess by the end.
Islas hair looks lovely.

Last night was the first time Isla has expressed her emotions to me by telling me and that was amazing.

While having her hair cut she told me ‘sad’, she said ‘no’, she said ‘stop’, she called the hairdresser ‘monster’ (luckily she’s an understanding lady) and she screwed her face up and said ‘angry’ – all of which made my heart sink but I can’t let her hair stay long and knotted as it will only cause her more upset in the future.

To be fair she has been getting better with her hair in general, especially hair cuts but I think it was just the wrong day for her.

She did thank Georgina and come up to me and say ‘thank you mama’ when Georgina had gone bless her.