Today a new Starbucks opened up in town.

I was torn, did I try it? Would I be betraying the gods of costa? Could I drink coffee elsewhere? Would I be punished?

The lure of free gifts for the first 100 people through the doors was just too much to resist and so off I went to meet my friend.

Well I knew they’d be people queuing but I didn’t quite expect to see so many, my friend was nearly at the back waiting.

In utter desperation I actually went through the line and counted how many people were stood before us….. 84!

That meant we would be getting freebies and freebies are never a bad thing.

Except I needed coffee and as much as the queue was moving it was not moving as quick as my need for caffeine.

With the allure of free stuff still making me umm and ahh I lept to action and left my mate in the world longest coffee queue to look inside and see what the free stuff was.

Alas even a free cup wasn’t enough to keep me in that line another half an hour and we left with people at the back of the line beaming that they had just made it in to the top 100 because we had admitted defeat.

Upon leaving I issued some words of wisdom to the crowds ‘save yourselves and go to costa’. They didn’t listen.

Costa was empty! Myself and Tracy received our caffeine fix immediately as the gods of costa smiled down on us and thanked us for our loyalty.

I will never get the urge to betray my beloved house of costa worship again!

The elixir of life never tasted so good…..

And that is why it’s time costa coffee offered me some sort of sponsorship deal!!