So it turns out that pie face does what it says on the box!

It should however come with warnings:-

You may get cream in your eye and up your nose.

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Snorting cream is painful, try to blow rather than inhale.

Cream in the eye is painful- there is no help, it will just hurt.

May cause blurred vision or no vision due to cream in the eye.

May cause mess everywhere because of flying cream (purchase dog as additional extra to clean said mess).

May seem hysterical the first time you get pied but will get much less hysterical as you get continuously pied.

Boobs are essential to catch cream when dropping off your face. If no boobs resort back to purchasing dog.

Will be required to do a washload and have a shower and hair wash afterwards.

Will cause continence issues as you laugh so hard you wee when your child gets pied.

Do not move to try and escape being pied. Cream in the ears isn’t much fun either.

Remove contact lens before play or you may get very itchy eyes, extreme blurred vision or lose lens completely.

Also remove mascara to avoid looking like a panda with rabies!

Sneezing whilst being pied will have catastrophic repercussions.

Sneezing whilst being pied and laughing will cause Piemageddon

(“It will be fun” they said, “you must try it” try said)

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