Scarlet’s little orphans and boobie bears

I want to tell you about an amazing lady, my friend Helen.

Helen is actually my grandparents’ goddaughter and I’ve known her my whole life (30 cough cough something years).

Not only is Helen a very talented photographer who has snapped my wonderful family and provided me with the most beautiful pictures of the kids (when Isla was younger and actually sat still) but she is the proud owner of a bear orphanage.

Now, most of you will know by now that I have some #AutismAwareBears flying around. I have three different kinds – a family awareness bear, holidaying bears and my travelling bears.

Now Helen very kindly said she would help me with these very special bears because I got the idea of my travelling bears from her boobie bears. Helen started the amazing boobie bears when she was diagnosed with Cancer and wanted to raise awareness.

How amazing is that!

Well, I can’t compete with the sheer volume of boobie bears but I can only hope my bears will be equally as amazing and travel as far as Helen’s.

Now not only does Helen have the boobie bears but like I said earlier she has a bear orphanage.

You have literally never in your life seen anything like it. I have never seen so many bears in one place.

Helen told me she wanted to gift Billy and Isla some bears from her orphanage. These bears are normally £10 each which I think is brilliant value and they make the most wonderful gifts (think I’ll be getting a couple for my nephews)

Meet Trixie and Bentley!

Not only are the bears beautiful and very much loved already but Helen writes a story about each bear tailored to each individual child. Islas bear obviously liked chicken and dressing up and Billy’s bear obviously played football and cricket and was an avid hashtag united fan.

I can’t thank Helen enough. Billy sleeps with Bentley and Isla has taken Trixie to school and made her eat tea with her (she now covered in tomato ketchup!)

Some bears come with another storybook as well as the personalised one, some come with chocolate, they all
come with an adoption certificate but they all come with something money can’t buy…….. love!

To adopt a bear orphan or to follow the journeys of Helen’s boobie bears follow this link…….




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