You’ll all be glad to know that Isla is much better.

She was back to her usual smiley self yesterday.

She wasn’t too happy about going to school but she did get on the bus and Lynn informed me she was happy and singing by the time the bus got up the road.

She had a good day and skipped
in happily last night.

Lots of singing and words last night including giving daddy his post and saying ‘what is that’ which was just brilliant.

Islas actual functional speech is slower
coming than her echolalia obviously because repetition is far easier but it’s coming and we are very proud of her.

Billy is busy most nights, last night he went to youth club which I’m not overly keen on but I know he needs that time with his friends and that he gets plenty of time doing what he wants to do. With football, cricket, youth club and grandmas he has something on most nights and weekends, he’s as fit as a fiddle and very happy.

So now Isla is better we are all doing pretty well. Hope you’re all ok too. Keep an eye on my website for more reviews coming up and additions to
the support section!