When you have a child with any disability you think about things that other people don’t have to worry about, things that actually panic you and make your heart physically ache.

One of these things for me was what would happen if I had an accident with the kids in the car and I was unconscious – how would anyone coming to help us know that Isla has communication problems, how would they know she doesn’t understand danger, how can I help Isla in this situation and keep her safe, how can I make sure Billy isn’t left while somebody tries to figure out why Isla isn’t replying to them, how can I make it easier for both children to be rescued quickly?

Yes, this really is how my mind works. I am a worrier and I know I’m not the only SEND parent who worries about these things.

I was talking to my friend about this and she told me she could make me some seatbelt pads with my choice of wording. They literally just Velcro on to the kid’s seat belts with information about Isla and her difficulties. Because they are Velcro they are really easy to move to other belts, and other cars and anything else with a strap or metal to attach it to really. The material it’s made from means it’s wipe clean to which is a godsend given the amount of KFC gravy Isla dribbles down her front. My friend didn’t want to leave Billy out so she made him a lovely one too and he loves it!

How amazing are these?

Now I know if we are ever in that situation emergency services would immediately know that Isla doesn’t understand danger and she can’t communicate and that makes me worry a lot less………
well about that situation anyway!

I have rated things very highly but this gets 10/10 in everything – ease of use, value, fit for purpose.

I would recommend because it’s a bargain at just £8 and even if it wasn’t you can’t put a price on the safety of your child and peace of mind.

Want one yourself? Here’s my friends Etsy shop. You can order any colour and any wording, completely personalised. These are only £8 and postage is free in the UK and just £3.50 to other countries.



ICE seatbelt covers (in case of emergency)


Ease of use




Fit for purpose


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