Osmo Deep Moisture Dual Action Miracle Repair Spray

I’ve seen so many people struggling with their child’s hair recently.

We all know that children on the spectrum can have huge issues around their hair and I regularly write about Islas hair struggles.

Once upon a time, Isla had hair that knotted very easily, it matted, it looked terrible and it caused her pain and distress so I had it all cut off.

She went from having really long, golden hair to a pixie bob.

The struggle was real, it still is but now it’s not as bad.

Each time Islas hairdresser came around she would bring a huge bottle of Osmo conditioning spray with her and I used to watch astounded at how easily Islas hairdresser could comb through her hair.

She would soak Islas hair with it and the knots were combed out so much easier. I could tell because Isla is normally very vocal and very distressed when her hair is brushed, and even though she wasn’t happy she most definitely wasn’t distressed and she does, in fact, sit quite nicely for her hairdresser when she’s brushing her hair (cutting it is another matter entirely).

I asked Islas, hairdresser, to get me some, and I have to say it’s brilliant and I’ve tried some conditioning sprays since having Isla I can tell ya.

It really conditions Islas’ hair, it really helps with tangles and knots and it smells absolutely divine.

Isla’s hair did get damaged quite easily due to the knots and lack of care but this has helped start repairing it and makes her hair feel silky smooth and look a lot less like a birds nest!

I use it every single morning and most nights, Isla doesn’t let me do her hair in a morning (I get about 3 brushes in) so I spray her with this knowing her hair won’t knot as badly and that it will moisturise it too! She will sometimes sit at night when I use the spray and let me brush bits of it.

Islas hairdresser swears by Osmo conditioning spray and uses it on everyone she sees and I can see why.

I get it from Sally’s as Islas hairdresser gets her supplies from there but I have seen it on eBay and Amazon from anywhere between £4-£9. Islas most recent bottle is nearly empty and we’ve had it since Christmas so I think it’s a bargain.

Osmo Deep Moisture Dual Action Miracle Repair Spray

£4 - £9.00



Ease of use


How well did it work


Value for money





  • Easy to use
  • Minimal distress
  • Smells divine
  • Gets through knots with ease
  • Repairs and moisturises damaged hair
  • Good value for money
  • Lasts ages


  • Can not be purchased on the high street
  • May have to wait a while for delivery

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