Hi everyone,

Was hoping to write before now but as you know Isla has been poorly.

She’s no longer sick and hasn’t been sick since Thursday night in fact but she’s not quite her usual happy self.

She slept Thursday night, only waking a few times for cuddles and she slept Friday morning.

She didn’t leave my side at all on Friday and hasn’t much since.

I took her to KFC yesterday and she left some, I took her to magic (an autism charity we support) to play in the sensory room and instead she sat with me and Billy and today she’s refusing to go in the hot tub.

Even sadder is that sometimes when I leave the room Isla sings the sad song from moana and cries.

She just wants cuddles and I’m only too happy to oblige.

She is better but she’s not how she normally is. She’s normally all smiles and laughter.

Her big teeth are now through and unfortunately she’s inherited her mummy’s huge goofers so maybe that’s it, I just don’t know.

The worst part of autism is Islas inability to show or tell me what is wrong, that part will never get easier for me because mummy’s are there to fix things and make them better and as much as I try I often fail because I’m clutching at straws and guessing.

It hurts me more than I can explain or put in to words to see Isla upset and not having a clue how to change it.

So I’ll just hug my little girl, I’ll read Cinderella for the 500th time, I’ll watch ice age over and over again, and I’ll sing ‘there was an old lady who swallowed a fly’ and ‘daddy finger’ and sleep with her laid in my chest because that’s what she wants me to do and I’ll do anything to make her happy.