Yesterday was busy and busy is best!

Both kids for off to school with a minimum amount of fuss. Well apart from Isla grabbing Lynn by her ID badge and dragging her to the bus giggling.

As you all know John has taken up cricket again and so I had to go and collect a cricket bag that he bought.

It looked to be a long drive so I took my friend along and we had a magical mystery tour of the countryside. The sun was shining and it was actually a very lovely drive. It so nice to live in a rural area surrounded by the most beautiful villages and quaint little towns yet so close to so many bigger towns and cities if you prefer the hustle and bustle.

So cricket bag collected (its huge and looks more like a body bag), me and Donna headed back home with a quick pit stop for cake and coffee on our way.

I got back just in time for my hair appointment. I was going so grey I’ve changed my parting I don’t know how many times these last few weeks just to find the least grey area! It was nice to just sit and have a bit of pamper time. I preach a lot about self care because it really is very important.

With super swishy hair I managed a few jobs at home before school run time, cooked tea and then john came home, mowed the garden and I escaped to the pub to meet some friends.

I don’t ever go out on an evening, this is the first time in I don’t even know how long because we just don’t really, I guess you just get used to doing what you do. John doesn’t go out on an evening either.

I have to say though that it was a brilliant hour and a half spent with five lovely ladies. There was lots of proper belly laughter going on and who doesn’t love laughing until you nearly wet yourself?

I came home, we got the kids out of the hot tub where their whirlpool of doom was so fast they became human blurs and it was bed time.

Islas front tooth is still hanging on in there, she keeps pointing at the gap next to it saying ‘gone’.

All in all yesterday was a lovely day.

I’m now sat having a coffee before I start the days jobs.

Have a good day everyone