As you know yesterday was boring.
I didn’t enjoy the peace, I didn’t like the quiet, and I missed my favourites.

John went off to work.

The bus pulled up and Isla surprised me by actually going for the door. I thought it was odd until she ran towards Lynn, rugby style!
I actually thought she was going to knock her over. She didn’t and even though Isla wasn’t very happy she did eventually get her on the bus.

Then I walked Billy up to school and waved him off.

And then I was on my own and I didn’t like it.

A day of jobs ensued and at 3.30pm
I breathed a sign of relief as my favourites filtered home.

Last night was just a very normal, very average night of cuddles, telly watching and you tubing but it was bliss.

The house was full of love and laughter again and smiles could be seen on each of our faces.

(Please remind me of this is seven weeks when it’s the Summer and I’m ripping my hair out!)