Kids are in the hot tub, even though the sky is grey.
They are having a lovely time.
They’re chasing each other around in circles, creating a whirlpool that drags them around like a rapid.
Water is splashing out of the tub all over the patio.
Laughter is all you can hear in the air.
Mummy and daddy want in on the action.
Mummy gets in first, she’s not keen on this spinning vortex malarkey and tries to divert children to new activity.
Daddy gets in next. Daddy also isn’t keen on the spinning whirlpool of doom that mummy is now just sat in the middle of, head in hands praying for it to end.
Daddy put end to spinning rapid, whirlpool vortex:-
Isla – ‘Daddy go inside’
New words equal impressed parents so we take heed.
That’s him told.
Daddy gets out, mummy gets out, spinning vortex of doom returns, that’s us told.
Kids 1 parents 0
The end!