I’ll blog more about our overnight stay later.

Billy is asleep on the settee, poor boy just said he didn’t feel good and the next thing he’s curled up fast on.

Johns overdone his knee yesterday. It’s even more purple than it was and it doesn’t look right. He’s resting it.

Kennels have worn Hugo out and he’s laid on the chair snoring his doggy face off.

Me and Isla are sat watching planes. I think I’ve seen this film approximately 976 times and I’m not bored of it at all……. honestly 🙄.

I just asked Isla to show our followers her gappy missing goofer look and she looked straight at my camera and opened her mouth to show to you all.

Doesn’t she look a bobby dazzler?

Isla doesn’t look the same since her goofer fell out. Her beautiful smile just makes me laugh (sorry Isla).
She looks even more cheeky and a tiny bit like Cletus off The Simpsons poor kid (really sorry Isla).
When she talks she whistles and she keeps poking her gum where her tooth once was whilst saying ‘urgh’ and laughing.
I don’t think her other goofers going to be around much longer either! Talk about hanging on by a thread. Looking in Islas mouth is like watching a scene out of cliffhanger, I’m half expecting Mel Gibson to show up.

Never a dull moment here…….. pass me the ☕️