This week I have achieved ? ….

* successful dentist appointment for me!
* even more successful dentist appointment for Isla!
* I discovered pelvic floor exercises are easier when sat at traffic lights listening to ‘sorry’ by Justin bieber.
* successful eye appointment.
* glasses picked that don’t make me look like my granny circa 1970!
* taught optician all about autism in ten minute appointment.
* got all the hubs cricket gear bought in time for his match today.
* got Billy to his school trip on the right day this week.
* got all the kids holiday clothes purchased months before our holiday.
* shaved my legs because it’s now summer and I no longer need the insulation.
* stuck to slimming world like a boss.
* taught Isla a new word. Just drove past KFC to cries of the new word ‘chicken’ from the back seat.
* didn’t cave in and buy chicken.
* had a stand off in matalan with Isla because she needs shoes while her new piedros arrive from orthotics. Isla didn’t want shoes she wanted a princess dress. ‘Try again’ are the words Isla kept saying as I tried to reason with her. She got the dress, I got her to agree to shoes – winner!
* survived the worlds longest queue in matalan and taught a random stranger all about autism in five minutes.
* managed to go to icelands with Isla and no wheelchair. Agreed Isla could
have smarties ice creams even though she only eats the smarties and not the icecream.
* managed to reach my toenails to paint them without having to hold my breathe or adjust my lady apron!
* went to spoons and didn’t eat anything naughty and went to costa and had skinny latte and did not cave in for cake, just sniffed my mates cake instead.
* walked miles and miles and miles.
* a blue arsed fly had nothing on me and it’s the school holidays AND I’m still smiling.

Absolutely owned this week like a boss!