Family time

Family time

I’ve spent today with my favourites. Family time is the best time. Not only that but today we’ve taught Billy and hopefully Isla that the best gift you can ever give anyone is the gift of your time:- that is the stuff that costs nothing at all but is more...

Busy few days update

Busy few days here at Islas voice HQ! First things first Isla finally got her new wheels! Before Christmas Isla had outgrown her chair but we had to make do a few extra months to really prove she’s outgrown it so she could have another. We also had to buy a new...

My husband the hero ?

I wrote this blog last night…. see update at the bottom. I shall call this post ‘my husband the hero’. Many years ago (approximately 18.333335) my husband John was a phenomenal cricketer who played for a local cricket team. He was well known for his...

Autistics do not lack empathy!

People often associate autism with a lack of emotion, a lack of empathy, and a lack of understanding social situations. Some people believe this means someone with autism doesn’t show emotion, that they can’t show that they are happy or sad. Last night we...

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