What an absolutely wonderful weekend away in Milton Keynes. Such a lovely place with absolutely loads to do.

Best of all I got to spend the weekend with my favourites!

We didn’t get there until late on Friday as it’s a good few hours drive so Friday was a none event but Saturday was lovely.

We woke up, got sorted and the boys went off to football.

Me, granny Jan and Isla headed out shopping. We were out five whole hours!

Isla walked for some of it, holding our hand and singing away to herself. She also spent some time sat in her wheelchair when her legs were getting tired.

Isla spent a lot of the day singing happy songs. Well who wouldn’t be happy when you got some toys from Disney store, some holiday clothes and a McDonald’s for dinner!

The staff in Mcdonalds were so helpful and really lovely but I was a tad embarrassed when they asked a group of teenagers who were in the middle of their dinner to move off the seating reserved for wheelchair users so we could have them. Awkward!

Both kids were accompanied by two special bears this weekend. Billy’s is an orphan and he’s taking him on his travels, one day he will pass him on to another family but he didn’t want to part with him this weekend. Isla had a boobie bear who is travelling to spread awareness of breast cancer. We left her with a lady in the travelodge. You can check these bears out on the Facebook page Scarlett’s little orphans.

Saturday night we decided we were going to try something new as Isla keeps proving she can do the things people said she couldn’t and so we took her down to the travelodge bar. Usually John takes Billy out and me and Isla stay in the room and have a girly night.

I got to dress up and even put some lipstick on that my mum in law had bought me earlier in the day. Who doesn’t like dressing up every now and then?

We all went down together and thought we would just have a drink and go back to the room when Isla had enough. We always play everything by how Islas feeling and that’s fine by us.

As always Isla was amazing!

Both kids were amazing.

She sat and played with her toys. She sang, she watched YouTube, she joined in, she was happy, she was engaged and it was wonderful.

We were all out together!

This got me thinking.

When you have a child with autism everyone wants to tell you about everything they’ll struggle with, everything they think they won’t be able to do, everything negative. Nobody wants to tell you that your child will, your child can, your child might just prove you wrong.

This weekend Isla has managed two really long car journies, we’ve had another weekend away which we do regularly, she went on a five hour shopping trip and she sat in a pub, playing games with her family and was as good as gold.

She has done all of this because we have always tried, we never gave up because we are a family and we try to do everything together. If it worked brilliant, if it didn’t we chalked it down to experience and tried again.

We won’t allow ourselves to believe that Isla can’t – her autism does not define her.

Words like can’t and won’t don’t mean that your child never will. I only let myself think that Isla couldn’t and wouldn’t for a second. Then I decided to be positive. I’m realistic when it comes to Isla, for us the small stuff are huge achievements but I honestly believe that she will keep on surprising people, I believe that she can as does her dad and her brother.

I am here to tell you that ‘normal’ family activities are possible.

Don’t give up!

Don’t reside yourself to that fact that you won’t or can’t do the things that most families take for granted.

Nothing is impossible – even the word itself states I’m possible!

I like to think that by thinking this way and by giving isla these opportunities we are helping her to challenge what people perceive, helping her to show people that anything is possible, helping her to show people that she can and she will.