So about a month ago I told you all I was really excited about something, about a little project I was about to embark on and I’d tell you all about it at some point.

There is no better day than Islas birthday to share my new project with you all!

After all if it wasn’t for Isla I wouldn’t be doing any of this at all.

Welcome to my website!

I really wanted to do something more than microblogging.

Blogging is great but I really wanted to help people and I hope in time that is what Islas voice will do both here and on the website.

The best thing about this website is that it’s been created by a project that helps students with autism gain employability skills, harness their abilities and grow in confidence.
How many websites about autism have been set up by people with autism?!
This one has!
Huge thanks to the team at experience-it for all of their help with this, for understanding my vision and replying to the 500+ messages I have sent them. They’ve been amazing and I really can not thank them enough.
This would never have been possible without them, what an incredible project.
They have a Facebook page, where you can see what other projects they’re on with.

So about this website!

You’ll have an idea of what we are trying to achieve here just by looking but here’s my vision…..

Over time the website will contain a back catalogue of my blogs and of course my new blogs but that’s old stuff, you’ll want to know what’s new!

There’s a section for guest blogs too where you can read about all sides of autism by some very gifted and talented writers.

There is a section for Billy’s blogs so you’ll be able to read about a siblings perspective of autism and we all know he’s awesome and writes beautifully!

There’s a support section on here where you’ll be able to find information about autism and other disabilities, about financial, practical and emotional support on a national level but also regionally and local to you! As I hear of new projects I will update this section. I welcome any information to add to this.

There’s an Islas voice email address and a contact us section so you can message us directly.

Theres a review section where I will review days out we’ve had, products, equipment and such like so you’ll know if something is autism friendly or worth buying.
I’ll be accepting guest reviews too so we can get an idea of what is helpful, great days out, holidays and products everywhere!

There will be a shop (will be added soon) where you can buy our merchandise with all money going back to experience-it as a way to fund more of their projects.

They’ll be a section for my new series about severe autism in girls where you’ll be able to read stories from other families and view things from another perspective, further building on the Islas voice ethos and community.

Feel free to browse, to share and to give me your thoughts.

As I said this website is a work in progress. I wanted to launch it finished but in reality that would never happen because it has to begin somewhere to grow.

All flowers start from a seed!

I hope over time people will use it as a place to go for help and support and with your help will become a community and valuable resource just as my Facebook page has.

Massive thank you to my husband and our kids for being my driving force, for believing in me and cheering me on. Blessed is an understatement.

Massive thank you to everyone that’s followed our journey on our Facebook, you’ve all unknowingly given me the confidence to do this and as always I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Gemma x