Isla made me laugh this morning.
She got up, we came downstairs and she sat in the chair.
She was staring at her presents but I think it took a while to click. She just kept saying ‘look, wow, amazing’.

I told her it was her birthday and these were her presents and she sat there thinking.
I passed her a card to which she said ‘happy birthday isla’ I told her it was indeed her birthday and that’s when she started to open her gifts.

She did say merry Christmas to her dad but she was soon back on with ‘happy birthday’.
Each time she picked up a gift she would look at me and say ‘what is this?’ which absolutely melted my heart.
Everything stopped when she opened her princess dress and ‘princess head’ as she calls crowns and tiaras, no more unwrapping, pyjamas off and dress on. I could have saved it for tonight but it’s her special day and I knew had I left it until later she would have slept in it!
She refused to take it off so as predicted she’s gone off to school in full princess attire like the royalty she is!

I hope she’s having a day as wonderful as her.
I truly believe this is the first year Isla understands it’s her birthday and that’s magical!