We have been back off holiday a week today and I still haven’t had the chance to update you on everything.

It was quite an eventful few days.

You all know I love costa coffee, ok love is wrong, I live and breathe costa coffee.

I worship at the house of costa and rely on their elixir of life to keep me going and keep me sane.
I tried every coffee flavour over Christmas and reviewed them just for you guys, No need to thank me I am kind like that.
Yes coffee is ageing me quite rapidly but I figure that’s ok because without it I wouldn’t survive anyway!

I’ve always had to grab a quick costa drive through if I had the kids. There was no other way. I needed coffee and Isla doesn’t give two stuffs about coffee never mind sit and let me drink it!

Costa sit down time was reserved for a when me and John had a bit of time on our hands and no kids in tow….. costa needs time, you need the time to enjoy that coffee! It’s a coffee sensation that requires at least 20 minutes of your undivided attention.

When we were on holiday a miracle happened……. twice!

Isla sat in a costa coffee ……. not once but twice, even with a play park she desperately wanted to go in opposite and she let us enjoy our coffee, no worries, no running around and it was bliss.

I think she knew that we were really tired and coffee deprived and I think she knew she would get rewarded by being taken to the play park next!

Super proud mum.

Even prouder that Billy is enjoying his costa worship almost as much as his mum and dad. He had hot chocolate of course but he loves it in costa and he loves to relax and enjoy his drink, good lad!

Even better when we came home off our holidays my in laws had fetched out Easter gifts over and …….

We got a £20 costa voucher.

I told you costa is like heaven and god must have been smiling down on us.