Today I’m not going to talk about autism.

Today I’m going to tell you about our amazing son, Billy.

You all know I sing Billy’s praises in the son and brother department.

We couldn’t ask for a better.

Today I want to tell you all that after keeping it quiet for two weeks we have been up to school this morning to watch Billy receive a head teachers award.

He had no idea, the look on his face was a picture.

I can’t think of a boy who deserves an award more. He gives 100% to everything he does, at home, at school and in his sporting activities.
He’s a trier and he wants to succeed and do the best that he can.
He’s one of the kindest boys you’ll ever meet, he’s a good friend and his classmates and teachers adore him.
We already knew that Billy was amazing, we always have but to hear the words his teacher said about him today, well I was choked.
Proud feels like an understatement.
Billy you are a truly special boy and we love you so very much xx