Still a lot to update you on but I currently resemble a blue arsed fly so for now at least it will be brief!

Isla is testing the boundaries this week. She knows she’s boss!

I think I’d use the word defiant!

She’s refusing to brush her teeth, she is refusing to wear pants and wants a nappy and she wants the grufallo on constantly and if she doesn’t get it on she just sits next to you and says it 582 times until you cave in.

Every morning Islas been getting in to the school bus and getting in to the wrong seat. It’s a big game to her and I can see her at the window laughing and Lynn having to move her. She is in for a shock though because Lynn is going to move her booster on to the seat she’s always trying to nick.

If you can’t hear Isla saying ‘grufallo’ you’ll hear her saying ‘no way’.

Maybe next week the real Isla will return and replace this little monkey…. who knows!

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