Massive thank you to everyone who wished me and Billy a happy birthday, we’ve had a lovely couple of days.

Yesterday Billy had a lovely day at school with his friends. He still went to cricket training despite it being his birthday and won cricketer of the day. Seriously watch out for that kid in the future, he’s destined for amazing things.

As is Isla who didn’t want to go to school yesterday but once there spent all day singing her little heart out.

Johns been working so hard, really long hours and he just looks shattered (for the brief amount of time we’ve seen him this week). I’m always grateful that he works so hard for us.

I met my mum and my sister yesterday. I don’t see them very often, never mind together and without kids.

We had afternoon tea and it was lovely. I demolished the lot because I have an ordinary tummy and a pudding tummy so I always have room.

Unfortunately at fat class it transpired that the week of over indulgence had given me an epic gain of 4.5lbs.

If there was an award for most weight gained in a week it would now be sitting proudly on my fireplace.

Must try harder!