Nine years ago today at 10.57am we welcomed our son in to the world.

Billy Christopher.

He came in to the world with a huge thud and he was 9lb 4.5oz of perfection – perfect skin, caramel blonde hair, chubby cheeks and bright blue eyes.

He’s still as perfect now.

I didn’t know back then that becoming a mummy would be the hardest but most rewarding job I’d ever do, I didn’t know that motherhood was going to be the polar opposite of everything I had expected, I didn’t know motherhood would be such a rollercoaster of emotion, I didn’t know that motherhood would teach me so much about life, I didn’t know how much motherhood would change the very fabric of who I was, I didn’t know that motherhood would make me a better version of me and I didn’t know that I would become mummy to two of the most amazing children I could ever wish for.

I remember March 13th 2009 like it was yesterday.

The smells, the sounds, the look on Johns face when he told me we’d got a son.

Nine whole years.

It’s true what they say, children grow very quickly.
I feel as though I’ve blinked and now we have a nine year old!

I was looking through old pictures of Billy at 6am this morning and I found I was completely choked up, choked up because time has gone so much faster than I wanted it to, choked because I wish I could turn the clock back and take in every single precious moment again and hold it in my mind and my heart forever, choked because our boy isn’t a boy anymore, he’s a young man.

Mostly when I think about our beautiful boy I feel choked with pride. I can’t begin to tell you how proud I am of him.
He’s the most caring child I know. He has empathy, he has understanding, he is wise beyond his years, he is thoughtful, he is grateful, he has more friends than I can count.

People have always gravitated towards Billy, there’s always been something super special about him.

He is the best big brother in the world and Isla adores him. He’s not just an amazing son, he’s one of my best friends in the whole wide world.

His dad summed it up perfectly this morning when he wrote ‘when I grow up Billy, I want to be just like you’ – couldn’t have said it any better myself

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