What a lovely few days.

We’ve been away for the weekend to celebrate our upcoming birthdays, Mother’s Day and so the boys could watch football.

Picked the kids up from school and off we went. We got stuck in rush hour traffic and we’re just two miles away from the hotel when Isla said ‘toilet’. Two and a half hours it took us to get there but Isla made it, no accidents!

Hotel room was massive, we could have moved in to be honest. It was a good job as the kids spread out and made themselves at home.

The hotel was above a pub and we haven’t eaten out in a pub or a restaurant as a family for years. Eaten out usually consists of KFC, because we need somewhere that food arrives quickly, no waiting around and somewhere that wasn’t too busy. Isla would never sit still and so we just stopped doing it.
We decided to try it the other night, john ordered tea with Billy and text me when it arrived and then I took Isla downstairs. It was that successful that we had tea in the pub twice and breakfast twice too and at breakfast we all went together, john didn’t take Billy down first.
Isla even used a knife and fork and tried to butter her own toast.
I can’t even tell you how happy we were, something as simple as having a nice meal out as a family, all of us together, we were all beaming from ear to ear.

Granny Jan and grandad were also there so they looked after the kids an hour each night so we could go out for a couple of drinks just us. It’s always nice to get a bit of time together to just be adults, relax and have a minute.

On Saturday the boys went to football and me, granny Jan and Isla headed off in to town to do a spot of shopping. We started off with Isla in her wheelchair as we were next to a busy road but once we got in to town she came out and held our hands and walked for a good couple of hours.
We went in busy shops, she didn’t run off, she kept hold of our hands, she was literally as good as gold. Once upon a time Isla spent some of our shopping time splayed out on the floor but she hasn’t done that in ages.
She decided she wanted a ‘baby’ and a tiara ‘princess’ and so grandma got her the baby and I got her the tiara because she had been so amazing and she sat and played with them while we had dinner. She sat for around 45 minutes while we ate and just happily watched YouTube and looked after her baby. She’s been very good with baby. Once upon a time she used to grow her dolls on the floor, in fact I got rid of them all because she never played with them.

She even used the public toilets.
The change in Isla in just a year is unbelievable.
Back at the hotel Isla had a bath and let me wash, dry and brush her hair. When I was straightening my hair she sat on my knee, backed up to me and pointed at her hair, she was basically asking me to straighten it and that’s exactly what I did (well the front anyway, we all know Isla likes to keep the back a bit ragged).
Billy has also been as good as gold. He’s been fantastic with Isla as always. They really do love each other.
We gave Billy his phone as an early birthday present and he was as happy as Larry. He’s even got his own phone number now because he’s a big boy. He’s grown up way too fast, they both have.
Islas spent the weekend singing ‘grullolo’ (grufallo) and saying ‘fanch you’ (thank you) and Billy’s spent the weekend checking football scores on his new phone.

We’ve got to spend the weekend together doing typical family things with two smiling children. We are very proud and happy parents.