As promised it’s review time!

Yesterday the hubs took me to Costa coffee. Costa we know is the elixir of life and quite frankly keeps parents like myself functioning at a reasonable level.
John had his usual cappuccino, he doesn’t get the Christmas flavours at all and he is a bit dubious about my market research but that’s probably because it’s costing him a small fortune, he may have to sell a kidney by the time I’ve finished but you know, I’m worth it and all that.

So I went for the first coffee on the Christmas board – billionaire latte.
billionaire in a coffee that’s a whole new level of heaven there right? That must be that much a higher level of heaven it would be like sitting on gods lap!
In my eyes nothing says luxury quite like billionaire so I was expecting big things, like gold nuggets, unicorns and a chorus of Christmas carols sang by the angels themselves, because I live in the real world!

I watched the Barista as she made it and it was definitely as impressive as I anticipated. The layers of chocolate and caramel colours, the cream, the sprinkles, well it just looked Devine and I looked like a kid in a sweet shop, with a weird giddy, wide eyed, drooling sort of look. There were no unicorns, gold nuggets or angels unfortunately but you know you can’t have everything.

I couldn’t wait to dive in and so dive in I did, like an Olympic swimmer after a world record.
My eyes were bulging, mouth gaping, taste buds……… hang on a minute.

They say you eat with your eyes and that’s what I did until the cream irritated my contact lenses and then I had to stop, seriously though I did eat it first with my eyes and I thought this coffee was beautiful, my eyes told me it was a scrummy, my taste buds were not giving me this signal.

My head dropped, I sank in to my chair, my bottom lip came out, and  I deflated like a whoopie cushion, this was not what I expected.
Ok here’s the thing, the first mouthfuls were Devine, I was happy, john was happy because I was quiet for a few minutes but after a few mouthfuls it was far too much. Now you all know I love a Costa and it’s brraking my heart to say this but for me it was just too sweet.
I’ve got fat class tonight and I’ll be even more gutted when Sally tells the class I’ve put on another 2lbs and asks me what went wrong, erm my giving personality doing this bloody market research is what’s gone wrong Sally. I am not a slimming world princess anymore, my tiara was lost somewhere in Costa, probably hiding between the syrups and cream.
I can see my research being cut short because there’s a billionaire hot chocolate and I don’t think I can test it when I know there’s still the honeycomb and Black Forest there for me to enjoy.
I’ll keep you posted!
So in summary……. if you like having teeth, and don’t like anything too sweet I’d go for the honeycomb or black forest any day of the week but if you have a sweet tooth then this ones for you!

Billionaire latte ☕️
Salted caramel cappuccino ☕️
Black Forest hot choc ☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️
Honeycomb latte ☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️

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