This is a public service broadcast.

Today the hubs took me to Costa and we all know I love a bit of Costa action.
I was just about to order a Black Forest hot chocolate when I did a u-turn and decided to order something else!


Because I’ve decided it’s in the best interest of you lovely lot (and you know how I like to look after you) that I suck it up, take one for the team and try every single Christmas flavour that Costa does so I can report back to you all, spreading Christmas cheer and making your lives that little bit better.

I know right, it’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make for you all, someone has to, no need to thank me ?

So in the matter of public service today I tried the honeycomb latte. Sally from fat class is going to love me at weigh in on Tuesday but you know I’ll just tell her I’m doing my bit for society or something similar.

As soon as I’d ordered it I wished I’d gone for the Black Forest hot choc because that stuff is what dreams are made of. When a barista makes one of those an angel weeps, I kid thee not!That was until I saw the latte with my own two eyes. Oh my life, epic does not even cut it.

We sat down and I marvelled at it for a while, eyeing it up and down like it was a rare diamond. I didn’t want to have it, I just wanted to admire the artistry.
The smell was incredible, I was drooling slightly. John said something about it not being good for me, I reminded him that it is all in the name of research and people would thank me for my efforts, whilst discreetly removing said drool from my lips. I’m sure he counts his lucky stars every day that he’s married to such a strange lady. I like to think I’m giving him an adventure.

Anyway I dived in, literally, with a long spoon in hand moving at speeds usain bolt would be envious of. The honeycomb was beautiful, the cream was beautiful and I was expecting just a very ordinary latte underneath the creamy, honeycomby (yes that is a word) layer but Noooooo, I was wrong!
What was underneath was definitely, without a doubt created by the gods of Costa to resurrect the weary and restore people’s faith in coffee humanity everywhere – it was heaven! Heaven right there before me, in a latte glass.

Happy I was.

It ended too soon.

John said I drank it too fast but it was just far too good and I couldn’t help me gannit ways.

Who knew that Costa could generate such lengths of happiness? Don’t get me wrong Costa always makes me happy, I literally worship that place but the Christmas flavours well that’s a whole new level of happiness.

I do have a little whinge though……

How do I ever move on with my market research when every time I walk in to a Costa (and let’s face it that’s a lot) I will want to order a honeycomb latte or a Black Forest hot chocolate and how on earth would I ever decide which of those to have in the event of that happening? Even when I do decide and even if I do move on with my market research what will I tell Sally at fat class each week?

How will these dilemmas pan out?
Will I move on with my market research?
Will I admit defeat and order the same?
Would mixing a Black Forest hot chocolate with a honeycomb latte create some sort of super breed, hot choc/latte hybrid?
Will Sally at fat class believe my excuses?

Tune in next time to find out……

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