It’s the most wonderful time of the yearrrrrrrr…..

Its Costa Coffee Christmas flavours time!

Just the very thought of Costa Coffee brightens my day but Costa Coffee and Christmas flavours…. I’m in heaven!

Now when I say Christmas flavours let me be more specific…. I mean Black Forest hot chocolate.

I am a mahoosive Black Forest gateau fan and I am an even mahoosiver Costa fan- stick the two together and I honestly don’t think you can get anything… ANYTHING better in life!

Do I love this hot chocolate? Erm understatement.

Is it delicious? It’s beyond delicious, your taste buds will not know what’s hit them!

Is it Christmassy? It’s like a Christmas present all wrapped in huge bows under the worlds most decorated Christmas tree, in the North Pole, in Santa’s very own house….. so yes.

Does it actually taste like a gateau? It really does taste just like Black Forest gateau.

The only thing I think that could top this would be eating Black Forest gateau while drinking Black Forest Hot chocolate.

I am in heaven, angels are weeping, If Costa could have gone up any more in my life priorities and most favourite things they just would have but quite frankly they’re already up there!



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