Costa Billionnaire latte

As promised it’s review time! Yesterday the hubs took me to Costa coffee. Costa we know is the elixir of life and quite frankly keeps parents like myself functioning at a reasonable level. John had his usual cappuccino, he doesn’t get the Christmas flavours at all and he is a bit dubious about my market […]

Costa Salted Caramel Cappuccino

Review time! So the other day because I think a lot of you guys, I dragged my snotty, coughing, sorry backside out of the house and over to Costa coffee to continue with my market research. I know I’m kind like that. I mused over the Christmas flavours for a while and settled on a […]

Costa Honeycomb latte!

This is a public service broadcast. Today the hubs took me to Costa and we all know I love a bit of Costa action. I was just about to order a Black Forest hot chocolate when I did a u-turn and decided to order something else! Why? Because I’ve decided it’s in the best interest […]

Costa Black Forest Hot chocolate

It’s the most wonderful time of the yearrrrrrrr….. Its Costa Coffee Christmas flavours time! Just the very thought of Costa Coffee brightens my day but Costa Coffee and Christmas flavours…. I’m in heaven! Now when I say Christmas flavours let me be more specific…. I mean Black Forest hot chocolate. I am a mahoosive Black […]