I was going to post this yesterday but I was so drained last night all I wanted to do was sleep!
Yesterday I attended autism training through work. I’d just finished the earlybird autism training for parents but wanted to attend the course as it was from a professionals point of view.
It was incredibly informative and interesting but I really struggled to sit through it and actually at one point sat crying, in training, in front of everyone! Slightly embarrassing, luckily I was sat with some amazing colleagues who were very supportive. I think if it hadn’t been for them I’d have had to leave. Thank goodness the lady running the training actually knew our family and called a break.
I don’t know why I managed to get through weeks of autism training but yesterday was so hard. I suppose I didn’t have the safety net of John being with me, I think I felt an added pressure as I knew my colleagues were getting an honest snap shot of autism and what we were living with, how autism impacts on isla and everything we do. Our life was there, in that training for all to see, good and bad, and it felt strange.
Until yesterday I hadn’t cried about isla’s autism for ages. Better out than in I suppose.