Day of reflection

Yesterday I had a bit of an emotional day. I don’t really know why. I have been so busy lately with the kids, Islas appointments, work and the event that I suppose I haven’t had time to think. Focussing my energy on these has been good, I’ve needed that positivity, routine, the feeling that I’m […]

Isla and her grandad Ron

Here are some pictures of Isla and her grandad Ron. Nothing spectacular you may think except both have conditions that begin with A, both face the world daily despite their difference to others, both do so with a huge smile and lots of laughter and I’m immensely proud of both. Ron, my stepdad has Alzheimer’s. […]

Poorly Isla

Isla is still full of cold, in fact she’s been ill for almost a week now. None of us like to see our children, I don’t like seeing either of my kids poorly but I especially don’t like Isla being ill. Isla can’t tell us if she feels ill, if anything hurts, what she would […]

Autism training at work

I was going to post this yesterday but I was so drained last night all I wanted to do was sleep! Yesterday I attended autism training through work. I’d just finished the earlybird autism training for parents but wanted to attend the course as it was from a professionals point of view. It was incredibly […]

Very first blog post

I’ve finally done it, I’ve created a brand new blog. Previously I’ve written statuses on my personal Facebook and Twitter accounts but I appreciate not everyone wants to read about the realities of autism regularly. Since isla’s diagnosis I’ve been all about changing views and raising awareness so by creating a blog I hope that […]