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Isla likes some things better than others

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I set up this blog because I wanted to share our journey, raise awareness and help people in our situation. I knew if I could just help one person or change one person’s perceptions of autism then this page had served its purpose and I’m pleased to say it has.

Why “Isla’s Voice”? Well that’s what we are. We were Isla’s voice when she couldn’t communicate, and in many ways we still are and always will be. We are her voice and her advocates, her biggest fans. We use this site to spread awareness, which I know Isla would do if she were able, and we hope in turn this awareness will create acceptance, which is what everyone wants for their child – to be accepted and loved for exactly who they are!

Welcome to our site, we are pleased you’re here sharing our journey.

Latest News

Self fulfilling prophecy

Self fulfilling prophecy

I want to talk to you about something called a self fulfilling prophecy So for example if you are told you are useless often enough you will start to believe you are indeed useless, your behaviour will reflect that and you will believe it even more.... And so the...

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We like some things better than others!

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